The Online Roulette Guide

In this guide we will give you the best and most updated information regarding online roulette. Here, you will find everything. From general information to tips, tricks, promotions and methods showing how to beat the online roulette, we'll provide it.

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Roulette Analyst

Our mission is very simple: to improve the online roulette players and to give them all the needed tools in order to play online safely with a nice bonus to start with.

We cover the following aspects:

Methods and Tricks

There is a big gap in how two different people will play roulette. One will see it as a no-brainer game, where all you have to do is to bet on a number or set of number and then... pray. This person will find a great resistance among the Roulette Scientists.

The Roulette Scientists are people who investigate this game and find in it many different tactics and levels of depth. There are several mathematicians that have done their PHD on this game.

You will find articles that teach you how to beat online roulette, among other articles that show examples of different roulette tactics.

Promotions and Bonuses

The variety of bonuses in the world of online roulette is huge. There are bonuses that will multiply your deposits up to thousands of dollars. Also there are no deposit bonuses, where you don't need to deposit anything, just play (of course, those bonuses are much lower). 

Credibility, Countries and Legal Issues

You won't be able to play for money anywhere in the world; there are certain rules to online roulette in South Africa, Australia, UK and the US. Some of the issues are important and you should be aware of them when coming to play. Check out the article that talks about legal issues to learn more about it. 


Different online casino software give different implementation of the online roulette game. You will find here some comparisons between different software. Some will let you play online, some will require download or mobile installation - you will get all the info here.

Different Ways to Play

There are several ways to play online roulette each user choose his way. You can play the online roulette for money or for free. You can play the regular online roulette or live online roulette with real dealers. You can read and learn the details in order to make the right choice.