The Iron Man Slot Machine

Playboy billionaire to superhero, the much loved and celebrated Marvel Comics superhero, Iron Man was brought to life in Playtech’s slot machines in 2009.  The ‘Iron Man’ is theme-based and includes storylines from the comics with engaging graphics, cool bonus features and progressive jackpots. 

Casinos with Iron Man Slot Machine

Iron Man was so successful that Playtech has since launched two sequels to Iron Man and according to Playtech, Iron Man 2, launched in 2010, is one of their games that has become a favourite in online casinos.   Its predecessor, Iron Man, however, is still a favourite amongst slot players the world over, with numerous clips of their jackpot, wins on YouTube.

Iron Man (at many casinos) has a vertically expanded 5 x 12 reel array with 80 lines and is a multi-level progressive jackpot slot, with a wild symbol, a scatter icon, mixed pay bonus and the chance to win any one of four progressive jackpots. Varying from a few hundred dollars to a maximum of $500,000 at the end of a level.  The free spin bonus puts the players in the Iron Man suit and takes over the full dual screen display, during which symbols stream down from the top screen to flood the reels with stacks of the same symbol which can create the potential for big wins.

Not surprisingly the graphics have improved on the Iron Man 1 and 2 slots which are available in 25 or 50 line formats depending on the casino, but the progressive jackpot is missing. Both, however, have their own enticing features and a mix of multipliers, spins, sticky wild symbols, and random wilds   In Iron Man 2 the images of Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke replace the original symbols along with the newer Iron Man 2 suit and the drones.

How to play the Iron Man slot machine

Players have a choice of denominations to choose from when playing Iron Man, ranging from a penny to $5 and may choose to wager up to ten coins per line.  Which makes the maximum bet a large $1,250 per spin at $0,01 a wager.

In the main, Iron Man follows the rules of conventional slot machines with the object of the game being to match symbols from left to right across your active pay lines  The more symbols you match the bigger the prizes. 

The symbols and Spins found on the Iron Man slot game

Unlike many other Playtech slot machines, Iron Man has few special symbols, which are listed here.

Basic Symbols: These symbols, which are fairly standard, are based on playing card ranks and range from nine’s up to Aces.  To win a prize with these symbols, you will need at least three of a kind.

Stark Industries Briefcase: These are worth slightly more than the standard symbols but still require three of a kind for a win. These are worth slightly more than the standard symbols but still require three of a kind for a win.

Missiles: These are worth slightly more than the standard symbols but still require three of a kind for a win.

Iron Man: There are two different symbols of Iron Man in his armour which work as normal but high paying symbols.  One is of Iron Man flying through the air and the other is of Iron Man striking a defiant pose on land.

The Scatter Symbol: This is basically the Iron Man logo and is used primarily to trigger the bonus feature, which happens whenever three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen simultaneously.  When a ‘scatter’ play is set you will receive a Missile Attack Bonus feature.

Free Spins: During your free spin if you can get three Iron Man logos your free spin session should be extended by 10.

Special Features found on the Iron Man slot machine

Options in the Iron Man Slot Game

Missile Attack Bonus: This is achieved by hitting three or more Iron Man symbols anywhere on the reels.  You then enter a cut-scene as Iron Man and must shoot down the missiles that are on their way to New York City. Choose three missiles that Iron Man shoots down, each of shot down missile reveals a prize which is either a cash prize, free spins and/or a bet multiplier.  With some free spins and bet multipliers, your winnings can grow substantially at this point.

Expanding Wild Feature: If two Iron Man symbols stack on the second to fourth reel it might expand to a wild icon, which covers the entire reel.  A wild used as any other symbol to complete a winning line.  If at this point you manage to benefit from the mixed pay feature by mixing the Iron Man symbols it is possible to benefit from up to 750 times the line bet.

The Marvel Jackpot Feature: Note this isn’t active at all casinos. This game is triggered randomly during play, the higher you bid per spin the higher the odds of triggering it.  To win players must select from a wall of 20 sections, clicking on them one at a time and once 3 identical jackpot amounts are revealed the corresponding prize is paid out.

Some of the top payouts in the Iron Man slot machine: Players have a chance of winning significantly huge jackpots on Ironman as you can see on YouTube.

5 Iron Man Symbols: Landing five of the same Iron Man symbols on your active pay lines can win up to 5000 coins per coin wagered which can if you have wagered the maximum $50 payout $250,000.

Iron Man Slots Game Symbols: Landing five of a combination of the two different Iron Man symbols on an active pay line can pay out a 1000 coins per coin wagered which can if you have wagered the maximum $50 payout $50,000.

Marvel Jackpot Feature: To win players must select from a wall of 20 sections, clicking on them one at a time and once 3 identical jackpot amounts which can range from a couple of $100 to over $650,000 are revealed the corresponding prize is paid out.

How good is the Iron Man slot machine? Is it worth giving the Iron Man slot a try, or giving the Iron Man a miss?

Iron Man is a well-made video slot machine.  Its graphics is sleek and it uses much of the iconic imagery from the series it takes its name from.  There is a mix of symbols featuring Iron Man fighting and Tony Stark navigating the world of high-stakes business.  The music and sound effects feel as though they could have come from the action movie, which is perfect when playing a video slot machine of this type and it works well to get the adrenaline pumping at the chance of winning as the reels turn.  The big wins on Iron Man, however, are not frequent – unless of course you can get a lot of stacked wilds.  It is however built to entertain and at that Iron Man does a good job, though, for a chance of hitting the big win on a more frequent basis Iron Man 2 is perhaps the better choice.

Other Marvel Slot Machines you might want to check out

Marvel have released many different comics with many different heroes, many of which have become famous and much loved.  Some of these heroes have been transformed on the big screen and again on video slots.  The theme of superheroes seems to be popular amongst gamblers with many of these comic hero slot machines sinking deep into the souls of many players.

Here is a short list of other Marvel slot machines that have been released in the past.

  • Iron Man
  • Spiderman
  • Hellboy
  • The Fantastic Four
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • DareDevil
  • Ghost Rider
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • X-Men
  • Elektra
  • Superman

The two companies bringing these cartoon characters to slot machines are Cryptologic and Playtech, with Cryptologic designed games adhering more to the standard slot machines and Playtech providing more cinematic 3D graphic slots. Most Marvel slot machines have a lot of lines and 5 reels.  These machines can seem to be a little more complex compared to the average slot machine found in casinos although the basic concepts are the same.  They often have a function of expanding ’Wild’ symbols for example in Iron Man.  They can also have accumulative prizes, meaning that the longer you play the more options you acquire.  These games have a wide option of bet limits and the progressive Jackpot which are some of the many features that make them so popular amongst slot players.  

Casinos with Iron Man Slot Machine

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