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How to top up your casino account

When you first start to do online gaming, you may be nervous about handing over credit card or debit card details. However, today online gambling is big business and it’s a closely regulated area so you shouldn’t need to worry too much about the safety of your financial information.

However, part of choosing the right casino is making sure that you are comfortable with the payment systems that it has, and many casinos offer alternatives to simply punching in your card details. Here we examine some of the other ways to make deposits and withdrawals to a casino account.

Prepaid vouchers

There are some casinos that don’t accept credit cards, in which case a pre-paid voucher is often a good alternative. As the name suggests, pre-paid vouchers come with a set amount of credit loaded onto them. You pay for the voucher before you use it, so you know exactly where you’re up to with your spending – unlike with a credit card which often has a higher spending limit than you’d actually plan to spend on gaming. The great thing about pre-paid cards is that there’s no temptation to spend more than you anticipated. Once the credit is used up, you need to go through the thought process of purchasing another card before you can continue placing bets.

In the UK, one of the most popular pre-paid voucher systems is Ukash. You can buy these vouchers online and at thousands of physical locations such as ATMs and kiosks. Once you’ve entered the voucher details on the casino cashier screen, you can be gaming within minutes.


The idea of an e-wallet is that it is a secure method of moving your money online so that you can pay for goods and services to various merchants. E-wallets are commonly used as they have low fees on the payments (that the merchants pay, not the customers) and they are simple to use. The easiest way is to link your normal bank account to an e-wallet and this allows you to move money back and forth easily without handing out all your financial details to every online merchant you carry out a transaction with. The most well-known e-wallet is probably Paypal, and most casinos will accept payments and withdrawals via an e-wallet.


You can also use Entropay virtual Visa cards to fund your casino account. These work in the same way as a normal debit card anywhere that shows the Visa sign, except you load a set amount onto the card via your credit or debit card. Once you have used up the amount on the prepaid Visa card, you will not be able to add more funds to the casino account until you have topped up the prepaid card. This adds another self-checking step to your casino spending.

Credit or debit cards

Normal credit or debit cards are often accepted at casinos, and for many people, this is the easiest way to add deposits to a casino account. Some casinos will not pay out withdrawals to a credit card though, so check this first. The main disadvantage in using a normal credit card or debit card to top up a casino account is that it’s almost too easy to top up, so if you lack self-control, it’s probably best to choose one of the pre-paid methods already mentioned.

The way you choose to move money in and out of your casino account depends on what kind of spending discipline you have and the facilities on offer with your preferred casino.


You can also fund you online roulette account using PayPal. Its wont be available to all countries, but there are some sites that accept PayPal from European visitors. The linked article gives all the details.