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Video poker choice

Video poker choice

The online casino room has really enhanced video poker in that there are so many more variations of the game for people to try. If you have never played it before, why not start registration today with Unibet casino/betting, claim your free Unibet bonus and get playing?

Jacks or Better has always been the most common game and still is. However, if you are looking for better odds or more lines, there are other types of video poker that may take your interest.

One of the ways that the online casino room has tried to change the standard format of video poker is to use wild cards. These are usually in the form of jokers and can be replaced for any other card in the pack. These make developing some of the top hands near the top of the strength table that much easier. Of course because of the assist, the payouts are reduced but you should make up for this by winning more often.

In the games that allow you to play with more than one line, it makes each round that much more important. The stake you choose applies to each line, for example, if you are playing £1 per line and you go with 20 of them, the total stake will cost you £20. Some games allow you to play up to 50 lines in which if you choose to hold down any cards from the opening line, the same thing is applied to the other 49.

If you are looking for the games which provide better odds for your stake, you need to play Queens or Better or other games where the minimum hand on the payout table is better than a pair of Jacks. You will find that all the other hands such as flushes, runs and full house pay more than they normally do in the standard format of the game.