Online Roulette in South Africa

Who hasn’t been seduced by the glamour and romance of roulette being played for high stakes by famous actors on the silver screen? Whether it’s 007 James Bond pitting his wits against various villains in Casino Royale or Diamonds Are Forever or the iconic scene in Casablanca, the game of roulette has long held a special type of appeal.

Online Roulette Sites in South Africa


There’s something about following the spin of the wheel and the bounce of a ball when money is on the line and fates hang in the balance. And the good news is that this level of excitement is available for all in online roulette as well.

Gamblers who fancy their chances of the ball landing in their favour can now also explore this classic casino game from the comfort of their own home as there are several platforms out there to experiment with.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the basic details of the game for South African gamblers who are thinking of giving online roulette a spin.

What Is Online Roulette?

Roulette, perhaps more than any other form of gambling, is classically associated with offline casinos in locations such as Monte Carlo and Las Vegas but online roulette has been an option for gamblers for many years now.

The online version of roulette faithfully reproduces the basic game mechanics of the offline version with a small virtual ball bouncing around a spinning wheel of alternating black and red numbers until it finally lands on a particular slot that pays out according to whoever has bet on that number, colour or range. Attractive bonuses such as free spins are also usually available in online casinos.

Despite its popularity, roulette was banned by the government of South Africa in 1965. Despite this crackdown, many clubs and casinos continued to offer the game but as enforcing of the ban became stricter it gradually became more difficult for casinos to keep offering roulette to South African players.

The arrival of the internet has made the legal position of roulette considerably more complex. A series of laws such as the 2004 National Gambling Act and National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 have failed to completely clarify the situation.

Here at Roulette Analyst, we encourage responsible gaming and urge you to investigate carefully if you are a South African gambler whether you are operating within the relevant laws of your country when considering whether to play online roulette.

online Roulette in South Africa

Despite its somewhat unclear legal status, roulette has long fascinated South Africa residents and, after horse racing, remains the favourite game of the country.

The Origin Of Online Roulette In South Africa

The somewhat murky legal status of online roulette in South Africa has not stopped online casinos making their services available to residents of the country. Though the various laws governing online gambling threaten large fines to providers who explicitly target residents, the enforcement of this has been sporadic at best to date.

Online roulette continues to be a popular option for South Africans who may not have easy access to a land-based casino despite the risks involved.

Online roulette cannot be offered by South African gambling sites but there are of course a huge amount of non-South African online casino sites out there and there is no shortage of South Africans actually playing online roulette using ewallets despite the technical ban on their use.

It seems only a matter of time before online roulette is officially legalised and regulated for South Africans in order for the government to be able to boost their tax receipts and put the industry on a firm legal footing.

Until that day comes, we urge people to exercise caution when playing online roulette for real money from South Africa.