Blackjack is the most Popular Online Casino Game

Blackjack has continued to gain widespread recognition among many casino game players especially with the entry of online casinos. The game which has been made available to players in different variations is categorized into two, namely American and European Blackjack. These two versions of the online game have their faithful followers, with most Europeans preferring their own Blackjack version. Blackjack in Europe may not be very familiar with players that have not been involved in the game outside America, but skilled players of the game are aware of this version of the game and its rules.

Even though wheel of fortune slots is not like Blackjack and that the players in American casinos are generally similar there are a number of aspects in which they differ, thereby requiring players to adopt different strategies when playing the game. The changes that players of Blackjack may experience while playing the game in Europe are minimal and do not affect the overall context of the casino game.

The European blackjack differs from the American version in one major area which is the absence of a hole card. The card is important in the American Blackjack as it can be used strategically by the dealer to win the game. Furthermore, the surrender option is also absent in the European version of Blackjack which is also of benefit to the dealer when playing this particular casino game.

Online casinos are rapidly becoming the choice for many players interested in Blackjack in Europe because of the convenience they add onto the game. It is important to choose an online casino that is safe as well as secure when playing the online game. However, the online casinos have different rules in regard to European Blackjack and therefore make it important for players to be aware of them in order to increase their chances of winning. 

We proud to publish this article that puts us in lower position in comparison with Blackjack. Its still hard for me to believe that blackjack is more popular then Roulette, but there are some reasons that cause it. First, until the era of the real money online roulette sites, it was impossible to play roulette at home, you had to be in some land based casino. Now this advantage gave the Blackjack quite fore. The second thing is that the online roulette looks more computerized than Blackjack. Now that we have the live online roulette with all the real people there, this gap is being closed also. 

Lets talk in 2 years from now and see which game is the most popular.