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In an online era like the one we are living on today, all kinds of solutions, to any need, are been offered through digital devices, it almost has come to the point where performing activities through your cellphone is not only a thing about luxury but about common daily needs to survive in a digitalized world. And, as this tendency keeps growing, the digitalization of all kinds of data and information is a priority on every field, from documents, books, to business and money, and, speaking about money; it is not only a thing about digitalizing the already existent currencies, financial statements and banking systems, but also about creating completely new, completely digital real money, with its own banking systems and payment platforms, the most commonly called cryptocurrencies, where bitcoin remains the king.

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What is exactly a Cryptocurrency? 

Behind Bitcoin, and all the other cryptocurrencies, there are very complex systems, codes and languages that are impossible to be understood by unspecialized persons, so we will try to keep it as simple as possible. A cryptocurrency is money like any other currency in the world, and can be used for buying products or paying services, a currency that can be used at any time in any part of the world, as long as we have access to internet and a digital device. On the other hand, like any other currency it has its limitations, let’s put it this way; when we travel to another country, we usually need to change the currency we are using in order to be able to spend money at our destination, in the situation of the cryptocurrencies the limitation knows no country borders, its border is usually limited to the physic world, as, in most cases, it can only be spend through the internet, what doesn’t undermines its value, the opposite, it makes it a more flexible, reachable and globalized option in comparison to its more traditional pairs. 

Now, to understand a bit more about Bitcoin, it is important to understand that it is a decentralized network that doesn’t set its value on goods like gold and silver or other traditional factors, and also doesn’t depend on any financial authority, its value is set by the laws of offer and demand and mathematical equations that calculate its value, one could say it can be measured by the number of users and business adopting it like a payment method. 

On the other hand, it is released at a predictable and decreasing rate, in order to avoid big variations on its price. The process of release includes regular people, who help by processing necessary equations for the transactions that involve bitcoins and for the creation of new bitcoins, this way they can win some bitcoins and wait for a good moment on the price of the virtual coin, in order to generate some wins or to purchase something from the places that accept it, which are actually a lot, since day by day its popularity grows as a result of its liability, flexibility and extremely low fees, when there are fees to pay, it normally let the users to decide over paying or not, with its few exceptions, but mostly for business who decide to adopt it, what includes from retail stores and food, to mobile casinos; where the users of casinos are remarkably more into Bitcoins than other consumers, some even like to consider that, when buying or winning Bitcoins, it is a bet by itself, a bet on the market to win more when bitcoins reach a good price, some others just like to take advantage that some casinos offer bonuses when using Bitcoin or give you preferential fees. 

But the relation between Bitcoin and Casinos can’t be resumed only by this last few advantages, so let’s take a closer look to this partnership. 

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The Casinos-Bitcoin Partnership and its Advantages

Even though Bitcoin doesn’t make big noise about its strong bond with the casino industry, it is more related than one would usually think. To start, there is a huge number of casinos that have adopted Bitcoin as a payment method, yes of course the low fees and flexibility have a big role on this, but the main factor lays on the consumers, who everyday became more willing to adopt it, use it or save money through it, for what bitcoin users have become an important part of the market for any kind of business, a niche that casinos have been smart enough to target.

And the targeting has come in all sizes and colors, from strong online marketing campaigns, to direct collaborations, where Bitcoin has helped by powering online casinos and providing them with support, as well as some special benefits that include great bonuses and very low fees, special promotions, and a great control for the users over their money balance and earnings. On the other hand, casinos powered by Bitcoin usually have security systems of great quality and offer anonymous status for their clients, avoiding the requirements of personal information, what can be a great added value since there are some people who take a lot of care of their privacy. 

Probably the main advantage while gambling through Bitcoin, is that the sites that are powered by Bitcoin or accept it as a payment method, usually are very flexible and accept much more kinds of bets in comparison to other casinos, this includes bets on the most varied events and games, some of the bets you will be able to find on the web that are available to bet with Bitcoin are: Sports of all divisions and leagues, including the NFL, NBA, the UEFA Champions League, or any special world event like the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup, but that’s not all, there are also options for betting into politic events like elections or the results of referendums, and even bets over the so famous among gamers, e-sports. It is important to mention that these are just some of the options, because the list goes on and one, however, Poker remains one of the most popular betting games among Bitcoin players and, actually, among all players in general.

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Why Poker Games Are Among People’s favorites?

Poker games are still among the most popular games by plenty of reasons, first than anything because it is considered a classic. Second, because it is a betting game with a lot of publicity and coverage, there are lots of TV Channels and other media that covers international Poker championships and other related events, giving the opportunity to poker games, to be a bet of their own; a betting game that becomes a bet as it grows in specialization.

If we add the huge number of popular culture references to poker that we can find on movies, books, TV series, comics, music and a whole other bunch of allusions around other fields, it’s not much of a surprise that poker games are such a big trend. On the other hand, at the growing rate that internet affairs have been booming, casinos have been growing as well, taking advantage of the digital devices era, taking a referent of the pop culture into everybody’s pockets, just at a few clicks of distance, betting is now more easy and reachable that it has ever been.

And, as Bitcoin has become more popular too, online casinos have built alliances with Bitcoin, in order to reach more customers and to offer, more and better, possibilities for their users experience while placing their bets or playing their favorite games, and the list of casinos that accept Bitcoins just keeps growing and growing a bit more every minute that passes by.

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Advices to Pick a Good Poker Casino that Accepts Bitcoin

As popular as Poker is, it will be more difficult to find an option that doesn’t have a format to bet on poker with Bitcoin, than one that does have at least one option, so one of the key guidelines is to check if the poker option we have in front of us, is the one that we wish to play, on the other hand, it is also important to see if the casino that we have chosen has other games or bets of our preference; it is always nice to play some poker while waiting for the results of the Patriots vs Denver, and probably watch the game at the same time, or why not, to watch some poker games at ESPN channel to learn a bit from the greatest players at the moment while we play our own poker games.

Another important thing to take in consideration, is to check that the casino we have picked shouldn’t be limited to Bitcoin as the only payment option, unless that is exactly what we are looking for, otherwise you will have to go through some other pages and registration process for been able to take funds from other places and play. To pick an option that is stuck with just one payment option, not only means limitations for your transactions, it also means that you are not taking advantage of betting as you should; good casino options have different benefits for different funding methods; including PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, among others, this way casinos can ensure a bigger chance for the players to make bigger investments, and the players get all kind of different benefits and bonuses. 

Now let’s get a little bit more technical, most of the casinos do not invest on big efforts to program new game platforms, it is more usual for an enterprise that is about to get into the betting market, to buy the required software from a recognized provider like Playtech, Microgaming or Real Time Gaming, the 3 giants on the software for gambling market. Just like Bitcoin represents a reliable option for money transactions, any of this giants is a trustable option when it comes to online casinos software, which is why, if you see that a casino accepts Bitcoin and also manages software from any of these enterprises, it will be extremely rare to have any problem or a bad experience.

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We know that poker is a fun game by itself, but everything gets better if there is a chance of making real money while having fun, and online casinos have a lot of different ways of helping us to make a living out of poker, well, that might be a bit of over reacting, but who knows, you might be the next Scotty Nguyen. The point is that there are few betting games that come in so many shapes and colors to take advantage from, poker been one of those, so it will always be a good idea to pick a casino that let us play in as many formats as possible, from risk free options to video poker games. 

Finally, we would like to give you some last recommendations. The first, and probably the most important, is that you should always have awareness about the legislation regarding casinos of all kinds in your country, the point is to stay informed in order to avoid illegal activities that could get us into messy situations. Also, we recommend you to read a bit more about poker games in specialized pages about poker casino games and of course, about Bitcoin

Bitcoin Poker Casinos