Ways to Fund Online Casinos

Playing at online casinos is quite different from the normal casinos around us. This is because to be able to play at an online casino you need the ability to fund your casino account and also be able to withdraw any winnings back to your bank and online account of your choice.

Online Casinos Funding Methods


Methods Of Payment

There are various methods for players to fund their online casino accounts and some of the most popular funding methods include: using a bank card, using an e-wallet account such as PayPal, which is the best well known e-wallet in use on the internet or any other e-wallet. Some other popular e-wallet accounts include Neteller, Skrill. However, Neteller is not available to US residents to fund their online accounts with. 

Using Cards

Debit and Credit Bank Cards: Actually, this is the most widely used payment method used by players to fund their online casino accounts. All online casinos accept this means of payment from any country and it is also a very fast process of getting the funds to your casino account once you deposit using this method.  Master Cards and VISA Cards are the widely accepted cards for this means of payment. If deposits are made into online casino accounts using debit or credit cards, any withdrawals made from such an account will be made into the count linked to the card used to fund the online casino account. Using debit cards is one way in which you can be assured of not being hit with any hidden or additional charges when funding your online casino account. However, some fees and charges are levied upon the player who uses a credit card to fund his online casino account. One of such fees is the cash advance fee which is now charged by many credit card issuers.

Fund your Online Casino Using Debit Cards

Online Casinos Prepaid Cards: This cards work just like credit cards, except that they do not aid unlimited spending. This is due to the fact that these prepaid cards are pre-loaded with a certain amount of money at the time of purchase. Unlike this, credit cards are only limited by your spending limit. Prepaid cards are particularly popular in countries and regions where credit cards are not allowed to be used to fund online casino accounts. It is a safe and reliable payment means and has a major advantage of controlling how much you actually spend on the online casinos since you pay just the exact amount you hope to spend into the card before you use it. Many online casinos have just recently begun to use this means to pay their players. This method of funding online casino account wallet is very safe and secure especially when using know, reliable and legitimate prepaid cards brand.

Anonymous Gift Cards: If you are an online casino player and you do not want to use a credit card issued by a bank in your country to fund your online casino account because it is not allowed or you do not just feel good about it, this is the right means for you. You can get gift cards is to purchase them when visiting a foreign country that allows online casino play. You actually have to be sure and confirm that such a country allows the cards to be used to fund online casino accounts without any hassles. If you wish to use offshore banking, such a method also allows anonymous gift cards. It is simply done by opening a foreign bank account at a bank that will issue such cards. The only challenge is need to establish a legal address in the foreign country that you are opening the account in. However, this can be easily resolved by the financial workers hence, it is not a very big problem.

PaySafe Card: This is a card that is non-VISA and non-Master debit card that can be purchased in many countries over the counter. You can visit the PaySafe website to locate offices or stations around you where you can pick up your card. The good news is that this means of payment is also available to residents in the United States. However, funding online casino accounts using PaySafe Card will only be accepted by players who do not use a US address or IP to set up their accounts and fund it. You need to set up an address outside the US and arrange to access the online casino website through an IP address that is outside the United States.

Web Wallets

Skrill: This is web wallet system was formerly known as “Moneybookers”.  Majority of the online casinos, especially the popular online casinos, accept this e-wallet as a means of payment. This is a safe means of payment as Skrill is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. Hence, online casino players have no need to worry about how reliable and safe it is. One major benefit of this online wallet system is the ability to move money from one gambling site to the other and back. It is one of the few web wallet systems that was designed for online gamblers. One thing to note is for players to be very careful with where they input their Skrill account passwords to avoid their accounts being hacked.


PalPal MasterCard as a funding method for casinos online

This is currently the most popular web wallet around the world. For many years, PayPal however did not allow any transactions relating to online gambling and online gaming, but it now allows the transactions. Although just few countries can withdraw from their PayPal account to their bank accounts in a straightforward way, many countries can make payments through PayPal. This could either be by just linking your PayPal account to your credit or debit card or depositing money in your PayPal e-account. If you fund your online casino account with funds already deposited in your PayPal account, there will be no additional charges hence, making it a very cheap means of payment. Majority of the top ranked and recommended online casinos accept PayPal as a means of funding your online casino account and also to withdraw funds.

Neteller: This is the second most popular web wallet system after PayPal in most countries. However, Neteller cannot be used by United States residents to fund their online casino accounts. Neteller is also a very reliable and safe means of payment for online casinos as it has been online for over ten years now and has provided online casino players with secure and straightforward process to fund their online casino accounts with no hidden or additional charges. Any deposit made via Neteller e-wallet system is funded immediately to the online casino account and withdrawals too are very quick and straightforward and even instant in the case of some online casinos. You can also get a prepaid MasterCard from Neteller if you apply. This enables players to withdraw funds in their Neteller accounts at any cash point machines or Automated Teller Machines. Alternatively, this card can also be used to in shops and stores to make purchases.


E-Cheques: As the name implies, this is similar to the traditional cheques we all know. However, it is an electronic form of the cheques and not the normal paper cheque. This normal paper cheques sending waste a lot of time unlike the e-cheque which is very snappy despite the location, country or region differences. It is an internationally accepted means and is not hindered even if the online casino is in another country different from where you are located. The necessary documentations needed to carry out this online transaction include your banks routing number, your bank account number and your bank account name. With these necessary details entered properly, an instant paperless cheque can be sent to the online casino of your choice to fund your online casino account.

Money Transfer

Wire Transfers: If the online casino you want to play in accepts wire transfer, you can send a wire transfer directly to the account of the cashier or treasurer of the online casino account. Although there are usually additional fees and charges which is actually high, wire transfer method is still a very convenient way to fund your online casino account. It is usually advised to keep this deposit means as backup in case other means of payment fail you can resort to it. You need to visit your bank to get the procedures to conduct the wire transfer as these differ with banks. You can also get your withdrawals straight to your checkings or savings account if such is allowed by the online casino where you play. 

Western Union:

Transfer money to online casinos using Western Uniun

This is a quite safe method to fund your online casino account and is very wonderful if the online casino or poker room where you play agrees to pay your transaction fees which are quite on the high side. The details you need are the name and location of the recipient from the online casino. You will also need to send the money transfer number to the recipient from the online casino to enable them get the funds.